Request a service

  • Log In with your Email and start requesting services.
  • Find services from creative people around the world in a safe and secure environment.
  • Start a personal text conversation with the seller and get more information about him/ her and the service.
  • Create directly an order request.

Klickerr Security Program

  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the service starts.
  • 25% cancellation fee within last 24 hours before the service starts.
  • "Report abuse" if a service is not as advertised or the service provider acts inappropriately and get 100% refund.
  • If buyer and seller currency differ, a 100% refund can not be guaranteed due to exchange rate differences.

Klickerr advantage

  • Klickerr is a new way to deliver and consume services.
  • Find good global specialists fast.
  • Be productive in your own environment.
  • Safe payment.
  • Direct connection to seller.
  • Focus on what is important to you, your tasks ahead.

Ensuring the quality of services

  • Ensuring the quality of services is one of the most important points for Klickerr.
  • We have installed a notification system at Klickerr, which allows each customer to report a video chat (free cancellation), if the advertised quality of the service should not be provided.
  • This ensures that the customer receives 100% of his/her paid amount, if he/she is not satisfied with the provided service.
  • In case of a report Klickerr will begin an investigation of the incident and will react with measures that can go beyond the exclusion of the seller from the platform.

Please enjoy discovering Klickerr!