At Klickerr, we believe our future is based on cooperation, respect, and appreciation.

  • That is why we live the thought: that positive values bring mankind together.
  • That is why we live the thought: that positive forces of the individual are strengthened.
  • That is why we live the thought: that positive energy multiplies by bringing together unique people.

We live these thoughts to generate inspiration and create a paceful living together.

Welcome to Klickerr

  • Klickerr is an online platform for Live Video Services from enthusiasts and specialists all over the world.
  • People can offer their talents, knowledge and special skills on Klickerr as a Live Video Chat Service.
  • Create products of your skills (with description, price and duration of the service) and offer them on Klickerr to our global community.

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  • Klickerr allows Live Video Service providers in 18 countries to connect with potential clients around the world.
  • You can offer almost any service that can be performed in a live video chat.
  • At the moment Klickerr supports service-providers from the following countries: United States, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Australia, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Singapore, Netherlands, Finland, Austria and Canada.

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  • At Klickerr you can find various services from creative and gifted people all over the world.
  • Just register with your email and you can explore the wonderful world of Klickerr.
  • Focus on what is important to you, finding the right specialist for your needs.
  • This is the new way to access knowledge fast and easy all over the world.

Please enjoy discovering Klickerr!