First Steps

Klickerr is an online platform for live video services. Private individuals from 18 countries can offer their talents, knowledge and special skills on Klickerr. People from all over the world are able to request these services.

The creation, ordering, payment, execution and pay out of services takes place entirely within Klickerr.

Service providers can be anyone who has talents, skills, and knowledge that they would like to offer to a global community. Almost any service that can be performed in a live video chat can be offered on the platform. Users must be at least 18 years old to

Klickerr is supported in many countries around the world and is constantly expanding to more, however due to international regulations we aren't yet available everywhere. We are always striving to expand this list and can currently support vendors from the following countries:

U.S., France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Australia, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Singapore, Holland, Finland, Austria and Canada.

Just register here and become a service provider at Klickerr.

Since services on Klickerr can be offered by persons from all over the world, ensuring the quality of services is one of the most important points for us.

Klickerr does not check every service personally, however, we have installed a notification system at Klickerr, which allows each customer to report a video chat (free cancellation), if the advertised quality of the service should not be provided. This means, if a customer is not satisfied with the service provided, the customer can report this within the underlying text chat and he/she is refunded 100% of the purchase price. Klickerr then begins an investigation of the incident and will react with measures that can go beyond the exclusion of the seller from the platform.

Furthermore, there is a rating system on Klickerr where customers are able to evaluate directly their service providers.

This is how Klickerr ensures the quality of the services, and to assure the customer of a service that if a service is not provided as advertised, the customer will be refunded 100% of his/her paid amount if he/she activates the report button within the text chat up to 1 hour after the end of the service.

On Klickerr you can find wonderful services from providers all over the world. If you search for services inside the Klickerr search bar, you will be shown the services, which correspond with your specified linguistic abilities. For example, if you set only English as your language, which you speak, you will only find services with the Klickerr search function, which are provided in English.
At any time you can add or remove languages you speak. Just go to the "Profile" menu item and add another language you speak in the "My Languages" sub-item.

At Klickerr you can find a variety of services from talented and creative people from all over the world. Just register with your e-mail here and you can start exploring the wonderful world of Klickerr.

Account & Profile

To create an account with Klickerr, just go to Log In and register with Klickerr.

Registration and the creation of a Klickerr account are completely free. Just enter your name, e-mail, and password. Klickerr will then send you an e-mail with a confirmation link. Please click the link inside the mail and once you have created your account you can start requesting services.

Before you are able to offer services as a seller on Klickerr you must register a seller account. To do this, you must simply add some necessary additional information within your private profile or your service provider area. These include:

  • date of birth
  • address
  • country specific payout information

This information is required to verify your identity and prevent fraudulent services, as well as ensure that we have the necessary information to process your payments in a timely fashion. After successfully checking the data, the seller account is opened and you can offer your talents, skills, and knowledge on Klickerr to our global community.

At Klickerr you have a public profile where you can specify and edit your profile pictures, a description about yourself and languages you speak. This data can also be viewed by other users.

Your email address will never be displayed. Furthermore, data you have specified in your private profile or when creating a seller account are not publicly visible.

In general, you can edit the data entered on your Klickerr account. However, some data are limited or unchangeable. For example, it is not possible to change your e-mail address at this time once it has been registered with your account.

Once a service has been created and added to the platform, there are certain features that cannot be changed such as the title, the duration, the price or the description of the service.

This is so that each and every service being provided is clear and unique for buyers to avoid confusion. For example, it is not possible to reduce a German speaking lesson from 50 minutes for one customer to 30 minutes for another and then change the title of it from German lesson to Spanish lesson. The service provider must instead create a new product for such a 30-minute Spanish lesson. Providers can add information in other languages to services they put online. If an error was made when setting up the service it can simply be removed and a new service added.

Data for pay out that has already been approved by Klickerr can only be edited if there are no open services and no pending payouts inside the Inbox/Bookings. If you have pending services in your Inbox/Bookings, please finish them first and then you are able to edit your payout data. The newly entered data then has to be approved by Klickerr. This is done because of money transfer security reasons, to protect your payout at anytime.

You can delete your account at any time from your Private Profile in the menu. Please make sure that you do not have any open services listed in your bookings/inbox, otherwise you will not be able to delete your account. If there are no open services in your bookings/inbox and if no payouts are pending, you can delete the account by clicking 'Delete my Account'.

Klickerr offers the ability to offer services in different languages. You can add or delete your languages from your Klickerr profile at any time. You can specify which languages are attached to a product in order to create variations for people all around the world. To add additional languages, go to the menu item titled "Profile" and click on the button "+language" and select an additional language that you speak. Your services that you are offering on Klickerr can then be described and found in the chosen languages.

The Klickerr platform itself is currently available in English and German.

Payment & Pay Out

Klickerr currently supports most common international currencies to pay for service and to pay out to the service provider. On Klickerr's homepage you can choose your preferred currency displayed in the footer. The currency you choose will be displayed for all services.

The displayed prices are calculated from daily updated exchange rates and rounded according to the currency.

The service can be paid within the text-chat. Klickerr uses the help of an external payment provider Stripe who handles the payment. Services can be paid with Credit Card. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. Please also see our general terms and conditions.

If the payment is successful, the customer and service provider receive a transfer confirmation by e-mail and both will be able to see the booking inside the menu item "bookings / upcoming".

The transfer confirmation is created by Klickerr and contains information which is important for the buyer and seller of a service. This payment confirmation is displayed to the buyer and seller in the "Bookings" menu item as well as by e-mail.

Klickerr does not make an invoice for a service. Invoices can only be created by the service provider. If you need an invoice for your service, please contact the service provider before starting the service.

Klickerr will only provide you with a transfer confirmation and not an invoice for the service. This is sent to the service provider and buyer by e-mail and can also be viewed in the menu under "Bookings".

Klickerr will release the payment to the service provider up to 7 days after the successful completion of the service. How long it takes before the money is in the account of the provider depends on his/her bank institution. The average processing time of banks is between 1 and 7 working days.
There may also be delays on weekends or holidays during payout, as many banks do not process transactions on weekends or holidays. For further information please contact your payment institution.

Should buyer and service provider have different currencies, the service provider sees a payout amount, which has been reduced by the conversion costs of his/her financial institution and the payment provider. The payout amount displayed within the email as well as within the menu item bookings is transferred to the service provider's account.

There may be differences between the displayed price of a service on Klickerr (within the chat, emails, bookings) and the amount actually charged from the credit card of the buyer of the service. This is due to the payment provider Stripe, which describes this as follows:

If the charge currency differs from the customer’s credit card currency, the customer may be charged a foreign exchange fee by their credit card company. The customer may also be charged a fee by their credit card company if the credit card and Klickerr are in different countries, regardless of the currency used.

Klickerr only passes the displayed amount to the payment provider as a request for debiting the buyer’s credit card. For further information please see our TOS.

If the currency of the buyer and seller differ, the amount paid is immediately converted into the currency of the seller after payment. This is done because it ensures the amount for the seller. If, however, the buyer or seller cancel or report this service, this amount must be converted back into the currency of the buyer. In such a case, exchange rate differences may occur and therefore Klickerr can not assure a 100% cancellation refund should buyers and sellers have different currencies.

The buyer pays in Euro (30 Euro) and this amount is immediately converted into the seller's currency USD (32USD). If, at a later date, this service is canceled or reported by the buyer or seller, then these 32 USD will be converted at the current spot exchange rate. Therefore exchange rates may differ and Klickerr can not guarantee a 100% refund in such a case.

Security & Password

You have a private password for your account which was specified by you when you registered with Klickerr and must be between 8 - 40 characters. With your password and your e-mail address you have access to your Klickerr account. Please keep your password secret and do not pass it on to others.

If you can not log into your Klickerr account, please go to the Log In screen and click “Forgot password”. Please enter your e-mail address into the displayed field, and a link with which you can reset your password will be sent to you.

If you are logged into your Klickerr account, you can change your password at any time under the menu item "Private profile". Just enter the new password twice under "New password". Once you have saved this change, the new password for your Klickerr account is active.

If you have found an inappropriate or unauthorized service on Klickerr, please let us know at and we will investigate this.

Should a non-authorized service be ascertained, this will be deleted immediately by Klickerr. The provider of such a prohibited service will be blocked.

Offer Services

To offer services on Klickerr is free of charge.

Fees are only incurred if the service has been successfully completed or has been canceled. The fees per service are:

  • 12% of the sales price
  • 0.49 Euro Cent

Allison sells a service for Euro 50,- to John. If the service is successfully completed, the payout to Allison is as follows:

50.00 Euro price of the service
- 6,00 Euro service fee
- 0,49 Euro fix costs
43,51 Euro payout to Allison

These are the only costs that are incurred and are deducted directly from the customer's payment. As a provider, you never have to transfer fees or the like to Klickerr. The money you get is yours to keep.

In principle, services of any kind can be offered at Klickerr. However, Klickerr limits the offer by not allowing pornographic, violence-glorifying, radical, illegal or offensive services.

If such offers are placed on Klickerr, Klickerr will delete them immediately upon notice and the provider will be blocked.

Klickerr currently supports the sale of services from private individual to private individual - no tax id numbers or commercial vendors can be included at this time.

To be able to offer services on Klickerr, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Services offered on Klickerr can be between 5 and 90 minutes long. The duration of the service is specified when creating the service and may be 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.

You can offer services on Klickerr between USD 5 and USD 1000 per service.

When you enter prices for your service, please note that these prices are inclusive of the taxes and commission of Klickerr. You can also compare comparable services on Klickerr and then choose a price for your service.

Please note that the service fee of 12% of the service price as well as 0.49 Euros of fixed costs will be deducted from each transaction, please include this in your calculation.

Please also check if your service is taxable. All prices entered include all necessary taxes and expenses. In case of doubt please contact a tax consultant who can provide you with detailed information in your case.

Klickerr allows the service provider to offer special offers for his/her clients. Such special offers can be created inside the Text Chat with the client if the service provider clicks on the button "Create Special Offer" inside the "More Sign". The seller can then create, in accordance with the buyer, the special offer and insert an individual title, date, time, price and duration of the service.
The special offer underlies the same guidelines as any other service on Klickerr. The special offer is only shown inside this text chat between the service provider and buyer and it won`t be transferred to the provider`s portfolio of services.

If you want to place services on Klickerr that do not fit into one of the suggested categories, please write to us at and we will try to add them as soon as possible.

At Klickerr, we always strive to add new categories. A constant further development and improvement of our platform for our community is one of the highest priorities of Klickerr and therefore we are also grateful for any suggestions for improvement.


Ratings are your opportunity to build a good reputation in the Klickerr community and share your experiences with other Klickerr users.

All ratings on Klickerr are written by members of our community, so any review you see is based on a positive service. In addition to the written rating, you can provide a star rating on the service.

Our community is based on honest, transparent ratings and we will remove a rating if we find it violates our valuation guidelines.

No, you can not reply to ratings at the moment. If you would like to complain about a rating you received you can contact Klickerr at

No, you can not change or remove ratings you've received from other members of the Klickerr community. If the rating is not justified, please contact Klickerr at If the rating is against Klickerr`s evaluation guidelines this rating will be deleted.

Taxes & Legal

The service provider is solely responsible for the payment of possible taxes on services. VAT or other taxes may apply to the offered service. Klickerr recommends that the provider consults a tax consultant to gain more understanding of the subject.

All prices displayed on Klickerr include all taxes and fees. No additional fees or the like will be added to the indicated price of the service.

As a Klickerr buyer or seller, you must comply with Klickerr's general terms and conditions and comply with all laws and regulations applicable to your service. If you fail to comply with the terms, actions such as the restriction of your sales or purchase rights or the blocking of your Klickerr account may be initiated.

Video & Text Chat

The text message exchange on Klickerr starts when an interested person sends an inquiry or booking request to a service provider. Afterwards, all messages related to this inquiry or booking request appear in this chat (found in the menu item "Inbox").

Inside the inbox, you can see your open text chats, open them, and continue the communication. Within a chat, which only takes place between 2 persons (provider and client), offers can be added, confirmed, canceled and paid. The link to the video chat of the confirmed (paid) service is also displayed in text chat.

Each text chat is for one service only. If the service has been conducted or cancelled a new chat for a following service has to be opened.

Within the text chat of the respective service, the service provider and buyer can negotiate the conditions for the respective service.

If a service has already been booked within a chat, and if the provider and buyer want to initiate a new service, another text chat has to be opened for this service by the buyer.

Once a service has been confirmed and paid for, Klickerr will place a link for the video chat into the chat window.

The link will activate 10 minutes before the start time of the service and remains active up to the service has expired. Only 2 people/devices can participate in this peer to peer video chat.

If there is backcoupling (you hear your voice twice) during the video chat, you as well as your chat partner just use a headset to perform the service to prevent this effect. This means that your spoken words are not immediately recorded by the microphone of your chat partner and sent back to you.

The link to the video chat is displayed within the text chats of the respective service. 10 minutes before the initial start of the service opens the chat and the provider and buyer can enter the chat and wait for the respective other. 10 minutes after the end of the service the chat closes automatically.

Allison sells to Peter a service with a duration of 30 minutes and the starting time 20 March 3 pm. The chat for Allison and Peter opens on 20 March at 2:50 pm. At 3:40 pm the chat closes automatically for both.

Klickerr has integrated a 10-minute buffer before and after the chat so that a provider/buyer can still join the chat if they are running late. If a provider does not appear in the chat right away, please stay at least 10 minutes after the start of the chat in the chat room. At that time you will automatically be given a button to cancel the chat and get the full amount refunded (100% of the purchase price).

Allison sells Peter a service with a duration of 30 minutes and the starting time 20. March 3 pm. The chat for Allison and Peter opens on 20. March at 2:50 pm and Peter enters the chat at 2:58 pm. Allison does not enter the chat and at 3:10 pm Peter gets a button displayed to cancel the chat and gets reimbursed by clicking the button 100% of the purchase price.

If the client does not appear in the chat at the designated time, please remain within the chat for the entire length of time scheduled. Do not leave the chat because the customer can enter the chat at any time. The service will be charged in full in either case.

Klickerr has integrated a 10 minute buffer before and after the chat so that a provider/buyer can enter if they are running late. If a provider is less than 10 minutes late, the provider has the opportunity to make up the lost time in the extra 10 minutes at the end of the chat. In this case, the entire chat is paid for by the buyer.

If, however, the provider is more than 10 minutes late, the full amount can be returned to the customer by pressing the button which will be displayed to the buyer in the text chat. If the chat is carried out normally and processed, the entire amount is billed (even if a shortened form of the chat takes place).

If the client is more than ten minutes late to the chat (and therefore unable to join the chat), the provider should remain within the chat and the client will be billed as if it took place.

Allison sells to Peter a service with a duration of 30 minutes and the starting time 20. March 3:00pm. The chat for Allison and Peter opens on 20. March at 2:50 pm and Allison opens the chat at 2:56 pm. Peter does not enter the chat until 3:20 pm and has the right to the remaining execution of the service (another 10 minutes until the official end at 3:30 pm). Allison provides the service until the agreed end at 3:30 pm and gets paid the full amount.

If neither the provider nor the buyer enters the chat, there is a 25% cancellation fee that will be incurred. This means that the buyer receives 75% of the purchase price as a refund and the service provider receives 25% (less the Klickerr fees) as a payment.

A service which has already been paid for can be postponed by the buyer for up to 180 minutes from the scheduled starting time. The buyer can find a button to postpone an ordered service within the text chat. The seller of the service has to accept a proposed postponement. If he/she does not accept, the service will be conducted as planned at the scheduled time. It is only possible to postpone a service that is at least 24 hours in the future. Services which start in less than 24 hours are not able to be postponed.


When a service is booked/payed on Klickerr it automatically falls under our cancellation policy, which you can find in our general terms and conditions and the buyer and the seller have to comply.

The cancellation policy grants the service provider the opportunity to cancel the product at any time for free.

The buyer of a service can cancel it up to 24 hours before the appointed start of the service for free. Within the last 24 hours, if the service buyer cancels the service a 25% cancellation fee applies. This means that the buyer receives 75% of the purchase price as a refund and the service provider receives 25% (less the Klickerr fees) as a payment.

As a service provider you can always cancel your previously agreed services free of charge. 100% of the purchase price will be returned to the customer.

As a customer of a service you can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointed start date.

If a buyer cancels a service within the last 24 hours (up to 10 minutes before the start of the service - the opening of the chat room), a cancellation fee of 25% of the service price will be charged. The balance will be immediately credited to the buyer`s account.

Example 1.
John canceles a service (offered by Allison) to be held on 5 March at 2:00 pm, on 3 March at 5:00 pm. John is refunded 100% of the purchase price. Allison gets nothing and there are no Klickerr charges.

Example 2.
John canceles a service (offered by Allison) to be held on 5 March at 2:00 pm, on 5 March at 09:30 am. In this case a 25% cancellation charge applies. John gets 75% of the purchase price back and Allison receives 25% of the purchase price (less the Klickerr fees).

If a service is canceled by a provider or a buyer, a cancellation confirmation will be created which can be found in the menu item "Bookings".

If the service is not as advertised, or if an action of a chat participant is not correct, the provider as well as the buyer can "report" the chat.

When the buyer reports the chat, the full purchase price (100%) is refunded. Klickerr will then start an investigation and, if necessary, set actions which can go beyond the exclusion of a chat party.

When only the provider reports the chat, the payment for a service is handled as if it had taken place normally and the chat will be terminated. Klickerr will then start an investigation and, if necessary, set actions which can go beyond the exclusion of a chat party.

When the provider and buyer report the chat, the full purchase price (100%) is refunded. Klickerr will then start an investigation and, if necessary, set actions which can go beyond the exclusion of a chat party.

The buyer and the seller can report abuse up to 60 minutes after the offical end of the underlying service (video-chat), no later report is possible.

Technical Requirements

Since the service is performed on Klickerr via a video chat, your device, with which you want to conduct this chat, must have a camera for the video chat.

Klickerr can be used without restrictions on the browsers Firefox, Chrome and Opera as well as on Android end devices.

For iOS devices, please download the Klickerr iOS Chat app.

The video chat is currently not supported on Internet Explorer or Safari browsers. If you use Safari or Internet Explorer as a browser, please download the Chrome browser.

If you want to use Klickerr on an iOS device, please download the latest version of iOS. Klickerr requires the version 10.3.1 and later.
To use the video chat you have to download the Klickerr Chat app on the iOS device.

If you use Klickerr on Apple computers with the Safari browser, please download the latest version of Safari. Klickerr recommends a version 10.0 and later.
Unfortunately the video chat is not currently supported by Safari so we recommend downloading the Chrome browser, Firefox or Opera to your computer and use it for conducting the video chat.

The function of the video chat is not supported directly by the Internet Explorer (Microsoft). Therefore please download the Chrome browser, Firefox or Opera to your PC and use it for conducting the video chat.

We are currently working on an analytics display of traffic on your sales page so you are more informed about what's happening on your site. In one of the next updates, analytical data will be available to you.

Screen sharing is currently available when you enter the video chat through the Chrome and Firefox browsers on your desktop PC. If you want to use Screen Sharing on Chrome, please download the following Plugin and you can use the function without restrictions. On iOS devices there is currently no screen sharing function available.

The text chat between the buyer and the seller is automatically reloaded so you always get the latest message displayed. However, if you have several windows with Klickerr open, or if you are logged on several devices, an automatic reloading can not always be carried out. Just close the other Klickerr sessions (windows or devices) and the automatic reload of the text chat messages will work.

Since the video chat is a peer to peer connection between the provider and the client a fast internet connection is necessary in order to enjoy the video chat in a good quality.
3 - 5 Mbps server and browser at incoming and outgoing are recommended for a good experience.

If you have any further questions regarding Klickerr, you can also write an e-mail to

Please also note our description videos below.