Offer a service

As a service provider we offer you the opportunity to:

  • Make money.
  • Get paid quickly and safe.
  • Reach potential customers all over the world.

What services can I offer

  • Offer almost any service that can be performed in a live video chat.
  • No pornographic, violent or illegal services allowed.

How much does Klickerr cost

  • 12% of sales price (service fee) and
  • 0.49 Euro fix price.

  • To offer a service on Klickerr is free of charge.
  • Fees are only incurred if the service has been successfully completed or has been chargeable canceled.
  • Fees will be deducted from the amount paid out to the service-provider.
  • All funds the service provider receives through Klickerr are his/hers to keep.
  • Example:
  • Allison gets paid out 33.83 Euros for her service.
  • This amount will released to AllisonĀ“s financial institution up to 7 days after the service has been conducted successfully.

Please enjoy discovering Klickerr!