Klickerr Security Program

  • The Klickerr security program protects the rights of both the buyers and sellers in our marketplace.
  • This program consists of the cancellation policy as well as the report abuse functionality.
  • The cancellation policy protects parties and funds before a service starts as well as providing protection from no-show providers.
  • The report abuse functionality serves to protect both parties from any wrong doing during the live video chat.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation for the buyer up to 24 hours before the service starts.
  • 25% cancellation fee if the buyer cancels within the last 24 hours before the live chat.
  • Free cancellation for the buyer if seller does not show.
  • Free cancellation for the seller at any time.

Report Abuse Function

  • The buyer and the seller of a service have the opportunity to report an abuse if a service is not as advertised or if there is a misbehaviour by one of the parties.
  • Buyer reports abuse; 100% of the sales price is refunded.
  • Seller reports abuse; the payment will be deemed normal.
  • Buyer and seller report abuse; 100% of the sales price is refunded to buyer.
  • Klickerr checks every reported abuse and will act accordingly.

Exchange Rate Difference

  • Klickerr does convert the payed amount into the sellers currency as soon as the service is paid.
  • In the case of a cancellation, there can be a difference of the exchange rate from the time a client buys the service to the time he/she cancels it.
  • A 100% free cancellation (report abuse) can not be guaranteed if the buyer and seller have different currencies.

Please enjoy discovering Klickerr!